Caring in Action

February 7, 2016 at 19:26

CC Editor

Students at Crooked Creek Elementary in MSD Washington Township took action when they heard about what happened at Amy Beverland Elementary in MSD Lawrence Township. Our connection was through Mrs. Nibarger, who worked in the district from 2009-2013. Students had discussed the incident and we moved from talking about what happened to doing something for the students at ABE. We wanted to show each student and staff member that we were thinking of them in some tangible way. We are always trying to find ways to think of others and we had made flower bouquets for others in the past. Students decided to make 1,000 paper flowers with the message, “You are loved,” at the center of each flower. Each 5th grader made 6-10 flowers to send to ABE. Flowers were delivered on Sunday, January 31st during the schools open house to meet the new principal, Mrs. Connie Thomas. We have heard back from ABE and know that the flowers went a long way in welcoming students back to school and reminding students that they were being thought of throughout our community. 

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