From Crooked Creek to Liberia…

May 25, 2017 at 16:16

CC Editor

Crooked Creek’s Global Marketplace raised over $1,100 for the International Children’s Network (ICN), which funds a clean drinking water well in Monrovia, Liberia. According to Don Windham, the organization’s president, the funds were received just as ICN received a request from residents for a safe water source. As a sign of thanks, the well will be named the Crooked Creek Elementary School Water Well.

Global Marketplace is an annual tradition at Crooked Creek, where each class creates items for sale at a school-wide market, and proceeds go to charity. Causes championed in the past have included Tatum’s Bags of Fun, Sole Hope, and Heifer International.

Prior to the Global Marketplace, ICN’s Matsiko Children’s Choir treated Crooked Creek students and staff to a lively and moving performance. The children of the choir come from Africa, Peru, and India, and share a message of hope for the world’s 600 million orphaned and at-risk children.