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General Information

Crooked Creek is a K-5 elementary school with approximately 425 students that is located at 56th and Michigan Road in Indianapolis. We pride ourselves on making each member of our school feel at home by offering this Student Affirmation Statement. At Crooked Creek, greatness happens here! Our choices affect us and our future. We embrace and respect our differences, from skin tone, hair type, and family structure to our abilities. We commit to becoming a better version of ourselves and to helping along the way. Today and every day at Crooked Creek, we believe we all have the potential to make greatness happen.

Academic & Extracurricular Program Offerings

At Crooked Creek, we provide the highest level of instruction to each student. Teachers work hard to differentiate lessons for students who may need extra support through remediation or enrichment. During the 90-minute reading block and the 70-minute math block, students participate in whole-group lessons, and small-group instruction, as well as partner and independent work time. Every day there is a 30-minute Focus Time where students needing extra support are pulled to receive interventions. This is also a time that teachers pull students to reinforce skills, and students are able to work on independent learning projects. Every student attends a special area class daily, including art, music, PE, and technology. Students are exposed to different types of activities in these classrooms to build their knowledge of the subject. Throughout the year, we offer a variety of extracurricular activities in which students can participate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Crooked Creek’s enrollment policy?
As a traditional public school, Crooked Creek has an open enrollment policy and proudly provides high-quality education for all students. We welcome students at any time; however, we encourage families to take advantage of natural transition times to make it easier for the student. Registration information can be found on our district website.
What are your standard school day hours?
Hours of academic operation for Washington Township elementary schools are Monday-Friday, 7:50 am-2:35 pm. Students riding the bus are released at 7:30 am. Parents can start dropping students off at 7:30 am. For families with students of different educational levels, our middle school hours are 9:20 am-4:20 pm, and our high school hours are 8:30 am-3:30 pm.
Does Crooked Creek offer before and after-school care?
Through a long-standing partnership with At Your School (AYS), before and after-school care is available at all eight elementary schools. Participants experience a balance of academic and social development opportunities each day.
What is the average number of students in each classroom?
At Crooked Creek, we average 24 students in each classroom. Kindergarten classrooms are capped at 26 students.
What are Crooked Creek’s school safety policies?
Keeping students safe is paramount at all Washington Township Schools. External doors remain locked, and school resource officers are assigned to service each building. Staff and visitors carry a district-issued ID while in our school.

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