Art – All Crooked Creek Students visit the art room during their “specials” period once a week. Classes are 45 minutes. Students explore a variety of media, artists, art styles and ideas throughout the year. When possible, projects will connect to academic curriculum to enhance student learning. Please click here for more information about Art @ Crooked Creek.    
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Spanish –  All students in grades K-5 take Spanish language instruction once per week.  The Spanish program this year will expose students to Spanish one day a week for 50 minutes with Mrs. Perez. Students will learn to ask and answer the questions: Who? What? Where? When? How? and How much? The units they will study are: Family, Animals of the World, Body, Clothing, Food, House and School. The following are incorporated into each class practice: Numbers, Calendar, Weather, Feelings, Colors, Prepositions and Adjectives. Our verb practice will be included in the conversational dynamic of our class. The classes include music and chants to help students remember the more complex grammatical phrases. Activities are designed to engage all willing students. We play many games to encourage more comprehension and retention of vocabulary. Classes begin with a small amount of Spanish and build up to being presented only in Spanish. As the students learn the questions and responses and become confident in using the language to communicate with their peers, they will speak only Spanish in class.
Media Center – Click here to learn more about the Crooked Creek Media Center    
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Music – Mrs. Snyder’s Music @ Crooked Creek 
The Performing Arts is a vital part of a complete education. It contributes to the total growth and development of the student through its inherent discipline and appeal. Students should receive a broad variety of experiences in the Performing Arts through the Music classroom.
Physical Education at Crooked Creek
PE plays an important role in the physical, cognitive and social development of each student. Please visit the CC Physical Education page to learn more about our program and Mr. Pattee.
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