Principal: Mrs. Keana Parquet

Dear Crooked Creek Families,

At Crooked Creek, we strive not only for academic excellence but also for the cultivation of kindness, empathy, and a genuine love of learning among our students.

Kindness is a fundamental aspect of our school culture. It’s not just about being polite or respectful; it’s about actively demonstrating empathy and compassion towards one another. As families, you play a pivotal role in fostering these values at home, reinforcing the importance of treating others with kindness and respect. Whether it’s a simple act of kindness like holding the door for a fellow student or offering support to someone in need, these gestures contribute to creating a warm and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued.

Additionally, nurturing a love of learning is essential for the holistic development of our students. Learning goes beyond textbooks and exams; it’s about curiosity, exploration, and a genuine enthusiasm for acquiring knowledge. Encourage your children to pursue their interests, ask questions, and engage in meaningful conversations. By instilling a love of learning from an early age, we empower our students to become lifelong learners who are not afraid to challenge themselves and think critically about the world around them.

While emphasizing kindness and a love of learning, we also remain committed to maintaining academic rigor within our curriculum. Rigorous academic standards provide students with the tools and skills necessary to excel academically and prepare them for future success. By setting high expectations and providing the necessary support, we ensure that each student has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

As partners in your child’s education, we encourage open communication and collaboration between home and school. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas for how we can further promote kindness, love of learning, and academic rigor, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Together, we can continue to nurture a supportive and enriching learning environment for all our students.

Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to the success of our Crooked Creek community.

Warm regards,

Keana Parquet
Principal, Crooked Creek Elementary