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July 19, 2012 at 15:23

Ellen Rogers

Crooked Creek First Graders recently experienced Student Action when they participated in the “Read to Feed” program. This program raises money to send to Heifer International in order to help families and villages in third world countries. Students read books to earn money from family members and friends that chose to “sponsor” them. A total of $637.30 was raised by the grade level. Inspired by the book “Beatrice’s Goat”, students learned how providing a resource to families gives them the ability to provide food for their family and services to others. At the conclusion of the program, each class chose how to direct their funds. Students selected goats, water buffalo, bees, rabbits, chicks, and ducks to send to families in need! This service activity was directly related to our unit of study, “Give and Take”. The central idea of the unit was “Goods, services and natural resources meet needs, and enhance people’s lives.” What a terrific way for first graders at Crooked Creek to take action and positively affect families in need!

Crooked Creek Affirmation

At Crooked Creek, Greatness Happens Here! Our choices affect us and our future. We embrace and respect our differences, from skin tone, hair type, and family structure to our abilities. We commit to become a better version of us and to help along the way. Today and every day, at Crooked Creek, we believe we all have the potential to make greatness happen.

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